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Customized Services

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Market research

Conducting a thorough market research in preparation for (or including) a preliminary analysis of findings. Product can be standardized or on demand, and can be a raw market assessment (size, history, growth prospects), a quick analysis of key players (15-25 pages), or can go more in-depth (35-50 pages) and focus on something specific such as identification of business trends and new opportunities, or an analysis of barriers to market entry for a given company.

Customized reports

Case studies, company profiles, project and sector analysis

These products are on demand and range between 10-50 pages. They can be:

  • Case studies – for business and policy
  • Profiles: country, sector, company or project specific analysis
  • Comparative studies: legislation, policy, taxation, politics affecting the energy sector, in-depth cross country or cross sector analysis.

Full research or baseline study

minimum 60 pages

Comprehensive research and analysis of a major topic which can include such elements as an analysis of status quo, an economic evaluation, a diagnostic analysis, a larger market-focused study or it can be a more advanced and comprehensive version of a customized report.

Due diligence

Commercial and financial due diligence: elaborating a business plan, a market study, a marketing strategy, a feasibility study, a forecast, a specific economic analysis that requires extensive and value added research for a particular client or transaction.

Background check

Specific research (on companies and persons) in order to verify overall reputation, credibility or business track record.

Representation in Romania

ROEC acting as a first point of contact and provide official representation for an organization or company looking to enter the Romanian market. This is done in a transparent manner, announced accordingly, and involves such elements as outreach, administrative and local knowledge support. It is an option for companies seeking to understand better the region or the country before actually opening an official branch on the ground.

Executive & policy briefs

2-5 pages

These are concise analysis on selected topics of direct relevance to our client’s activity, on demand, but also written in response to immediate events.

Policy papers

15-20 pages

Complex analytic papers focusing on issue areas – market developments, regional trends, consequential events etc. They typically include diagnostic analysis and elements of forecast, translated into concise policy recommendations.

Strategic (in-house) research projects

key directions of think tank research and publications

Each year ROEC chooses a list of priority topics to focus on. These are topics of interest to our activity as think tank analysts. All monitoring and analytical activity is realized at our own initiative (based on the think tank’s own resources) or can be supported by a grant (in which case, the donor organization will be specifically stated).

Topics of interest for 2015-2016:

  • Ukrainian crisis and its effects on EU and regional energy security
  • Black Sea energy geopolitics
  • Romania’s energy sector
  • EU energy legislation
  • Global trends

Industry articles

Articles targeting the business and policy audience

These are short articles targeting the business and policy audience. They are meant to offer a preview of the type of analysis we do and showcase the type of insight ROEC can provide.

For a  sample of various types of ROEC materials, see our ANALYSIS section.