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Young Diplo Conferences 2012


Romania Energy Center (ROEC) partnered with GRASP for the first stage of the Young Diplo project – the conferences, which debuted with the first event organized at the Romanian Embassy in London, on February 4th, 2012.

The second one took place in Bucharest, at the Romanian Cultural Institute, on March 30, 2012. Both events featured high caliber speakers and a high attendance. In London, ROEC was represented by Eugenia Gusilov who moderated the second panel of the event, focusing on the BRIC countries and role of the energy relations within this group. In Bucharest, ROEC organized and moderated the energy panel with Radu Dudau as host.

Among the speakers of these two events were: HE Dr. Ion Jinga (Ambassador of Romania to the United Kingdom), HE Dr. Emil Brix (Ambassador of Austria to the United Kingdom), HE Pieter Andries Swanepoel (Ambassador of South Africa to Romania), Mr. Nicolae Ratiu, Dr. Niculae Napoleon Antonescu (UPG), Andrew Costin (Petroleum Club), Dr. Ionut Purica (Romanian Academy), Dr. Ion Bucur (CNE Cernavoda), Ion David (RWEA), Dan Berendel (Master Chem Oil), Holly Pattenden (Statoil), Dr. Sandra Pralong, to name just a few of the wonderful speakers that made these two events dedicated to Romania’s future generation of leaders a success.

Official press release of the Romanian Embassy in the UK following the event


Young Diplo Conferences 2012 Event London Welcome Pack

Young Diplo Conferences 2012 Event Bucharest Welcome Pack

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