The 1st energy studies Think-Tank in Romania.


ROEC supplies independent 3rd party service for data analysis, review and assessment for informed decision making. We draw on ROEC extensive research and analysis capabilities to offer integrated and stand-alone services for different types of due diligence assignments: commercial, financial, management or topic related. No assignment is identical, as each project is tailored to specific client requests and field of activity, sub-area under scrutiny, and/or elements assessed.

Commercial due diligence:
  • data mining / data collection via desk research and fieldwork;
  • surveys;
  • data cross-check and peer-review;
  • primary (raw) research;
  • interdisciplinary research;
  • interpretation of events and legislation;
  • impact of new regulation on business;
  • market analysis;
  • sector/industry analysis.
Financial due diligence:
  • financial modeling;
  • DCF analysis;
  • statistical analysis;
  • company valuation;
  • project analysis;
  • risk analysis;
  • cost-benefit analysis;
  • analysis of current practices and policies.
Management due diligence:
  • Leadership assessment (before concluding M&A, strategic alliances, partnerships, JVs);
  • background checks (specific research on companies and/or persons, in order to verify overall reputation, credibility or business track record);
  • Communication policy assessment;
  • Performance assessment.


Examples: market study, reports, research note/papers, corporate policy reviews, revenue forecasts, reputation analysis, press monitoring with news stories on a company, a specific economic analysis that requires extensive and value-added research for a particular client or transaction.

The due diligence work can be a full spectrum company analysis or focused on a specific element (product, customers, sources of revenues, market risks, analysis of management style, corporate culture, business structure, efficiency etc).

It can be done entirely from scratch or resume to cross-checking /review of already existing findings, as we offer also second opinions on results of analysis performed by other teams of researchers/analysts.