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FOREN 2014

Romania Energy Center participated in the 12th edition of FOREN, the Central & Eastern European Regional Forum organized by the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC).

This year’s edition marked 90 years of WEC Romania chapter and was a huge event with plenary and parallel discussion and debates, with presentations of scientific papers and thematic round tables that took place at the Palace of the Parliament over the course of a week (June 22-27).

Speaking in the second Keynote Address panel (Global Energy Resources) on June 26, Eugenia Gusilov made a presentation on behalf of ROEC on Natural gas: market trends and effects.

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Bucharest - June 26, 2014

IER Debate

Eugenia Gusilov has participated at the round table debate organized by the European Institute in Romania (IER) on June 12, 2014. The event was part of the campaign to disseminate the results of the 2013 IER study Impact on the Romanian economy of the electricity and natural gas market liberalization, which she co-authored as part of a team of five experts lead by prof. Dr. Aureliu Leca. The event presented the key findings of the research and the main policy recommendations, and enjoyed the presence of Elena Popescu (Department of Energy), Bogdan Badea (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Cristian Parvan (Association of Romanian Businessmen), Gabriela Dragan (IER), members of the research team, representatives from key beneficiary institutions, academia and mass-media. The discussion was moderated by Balazs Barabas (Digi 24).

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Bucharest - June 12, 2014

Executive Class

REGISTRATION for the 2nd edition of the Energy policy, business and geopolitics class is now closed. This project is a unique product on the Romanian market offering a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to questions regarding energy policy-making: energy geopolitics in the SEE; EU energy policies: energy security and liberalization; Romania’s energy sector investment climate and legal framework; energy diplomacy; and fundamental concepts in energy business. Every day we shall have a different lecturer addressing in-depth one of the above topics. The class will be in English and will take place 3 hours daily, from Monday to Thursday, during the 2nd and 3rd week of April 2014.

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Bucharest - April 7-17, 2014

SEE Upstream

Romania Energy Center (ROEC) is an official partner to the SEE Upstream 2014 Conference. The event follows Romania Upstream Conference, the flagship program of Industry Media Vector and the Petroleum Club of Romania held in Bucharest in the last five years. Designed for leading oil and gas executives, consultants, NOCs, IOCs, governments, and licensing agencies, the two-day conference, exhibition and networking event will cover the latest developments, strategies and opportunities within conventional and unconventional exploration & production across the countries of South-East Europe with a focus on Romania’s role in the Black Sea region.

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Bucharest - April 2-3, 2014

Black Sea Offshore conference

Romania Energy Center (ROEC) is an official partner to the inaugural Black Sea Offshore Conference that will take place in Bucharest in late October 2013. The three day event organized by Global Business Club has a Geology Focus-Day (October 29) and a two day Black Sea Offshore Conference (October 30-31). Invited speakers include representatives from OMV, Eni, ExxonMobil, Repsol, Shell, Total, TPAO, Lukoil Overseas, Naftogaz of Ukraine and Rosneft.  The recent exploration success of OMV and ExxonMobil in Romania has encouraged other Black Sea states to work harder to unlock their offshore reserves. The event is an ideal platform for all companies involved in the Black Sea oil and gas industry, as well as for those who wish to enter this attractive market.

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Bucharest - October 29-31, 2013

Oil & Gas Round Table

Romania Energy Center (ROEC) partnered with the law firm Pachiu & Associates and McGuireWoods Romania to organize its annual round table titled „Romania’s Oil and Gas – The Smart Way Ahead”. The event took place at Hotel Epoque, Bucharest, on October 10 bringing together business people, energy lawyers, oil and gas analysts, academics, fiscal consultants, and governmental representatives to discuss about the current challenges in Romania’s oil and gas sector, as well as about the short- to medium-term developments of Romanian O&G. The addressed topics included the prospects for Romania’s timely development of its domestic gas resources, and for its building the capacity to tap into future new external supplies, such as from the Levantine Basin…

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Bucharest - October 10, 2013