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RACVIAC Energy Security seminar

racviac-energy-security-seminarROEC Director Eugenia Gusilov participated in the 3rd edition of the International Seminar on Energy Security “Contribution of EU’s Neighboring South-Eastern Countries to Regional Energy Security: Challenges and Opportunities for Cooperation” that took place at RACVIAC headquarters in Rakitje, Croatia on June 19-20, 2017. The event was co-organized by the Center for Security Cooperation in SE Europe (RACVIAC), the Croatian Ministry of Energy and Environment and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Romanian Energy Ministry. The seminar had three sessions:

  1. Enhancing energy market development in the Western Balkan and neighboring countries;
  2. The Future of Energy: Renewable Energy and New Technologies;
  3. Readiness to respond to energy security challenges: the capacity to deal with energy shortages and import dependency.

The seminar brought together experts from Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economy and Foreign Trade, Energy, Environment, national energy regulators, gas companies and key organizations active in the region such as the Energy Community Secretariat and the European Commission. The discussions focused on efforts to integrate the Western Balkans region, the work of Energy Community and current status of transposition of the EU energy acquis, key infrastructure projects, national policies for RES deployment, as well as regional vulnerabilities in the form of import dependency. Discussions during all three session were moderated by Eugenia Gusilov and offered a rich and detailed comparative view of national energy policies and strategies, regulatory frameworks in place as well as obstacles in the way of more regional cooperation.

In the opening session the participants were addressed by the RACVIAVC Director, H.E. Mr. Haydar Berk, Romania’s Ambassador to Croatia H.E. Mr. Constantin Mihail Grigorie and Mr. Mario Ṡiljeg, state secretary in Croatia’s Ministry of Energy and Environment.

On the second day of the seminar, participants have visited the Plomin TPP – Croatia’s only coal-fired power plant.

DATES: June 19-20, 2017

VENUE: RACVIAC HQ, Rakitje, Croatia


ORGANIZERS: Center for Security Cooperation in SE Europe (RACVIAC), Croatian Ministry of Energy and Environment, Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Romanian Energy Ministry.