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Oil & Gas Round Table 2012

Romania Energy Center (ROEC) partnered with the law company Pachiu & Associates to organize its first oil & gas roundtable event. This is the first of a series of thematic roundtables that ROEC plans to continue in upcoming fall, each of which with a different focus.

This round table’s topic was the current framework for oil and gas development in Romania. It addressed the legal and fiscal characteristics of the present business environment, as well as some of the challenges that often arise in the context of doing business in the Romanian upstream. The  aim of this first round table was to generate a constructive discussion about the current state of laws and regulations governing the petroleum sector, but also identify difficulties, setbacks or delays in the administrative process, as well as potential areas of improvement. It sought to offer the possibility to share points of view and discuss several issues of pressing concern.

The series of similar events aims to facilitate an open discussion between the main stakeholders: investors, oil and gas companies, authorities, energy analysts, energy lawyers and fiscal consultants focusing on the oil and gas industry.

We thank everyone for their participation and support of this first initiative.


Round Table Agenda

Round Table Report

Presentation: Eugenia Gusilov

Presentation: Laurentiu Pachiu

Presentation: Lazar Avram

Presentation: Nicolae Anastasiu

Presentation: Varinia Radu