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Debate on Romania’s energy strategy 2016-2030

debate-on-romanias-energy-strategy-2016-2030Romania Energy Center (ROEC) together with the association “It is up to us” (“Tine de noi”) and the Hanns Seidel Foundation are convening a debate dedicated to Romania’s energy strategy for 2016-2030 and general energy policy making which is to be discussed in the context of events and initiatives that shaped the public agenda in first half of 2017. The event will take place at Radisson Blu Hotel (Caleano room) in Bucharest, on July 18, 2017, at 4 pm. The debate is meant to incentivize a critical discussion and assessment of this key policy document against recent developments (such as liberalization of the gas market, introduction of new taxes, situation of district heating, and absorption of EU funds).

Topics of interest:

  • current state of the energy system, does the energy strategy adequately address the key issues;
  • Romanian energy policymaking in European context;
  •  institutional requirement for analytical and monitoring capacity to implement energy policies;
  • financing of energy projects;
  • energy poverty and vulnerable consumer;
  • energy efficiency – condition for sustainable development.


Moderator: Eugenia Gușilov – Director Romania Energy Center

Ionuț Purică – Energy expert, Romanian Academy

Răzvan Orășanu – Economic analyst

Carmen Neagu – CEO Energobit

Călin Radu Vilt – Scientific Adviser, WEC Romania

Iulian Hornet – Union of Domestic Investors (PIAROM) representative

Teodor Chirica – Romania Energy Center

DATE: July 18, 2017

TIME: 4-6 pm

VENUE: Radisson Blu Hotel (Caleano Hall), Bucharest


ORGANIZERS: ROEC, “It is up to us” association and Hanns Seidel Foundation

PRESS: allowed

PARTICIPATION: free, confirmation of attendance is required

RSVP: and

Event Concept July 18 Debate

Presentation byTeodor Chirica - Place of nuclear in the Strategy (EN)

Punct de vedere PIAROM asupra Strategiei Energetice (RO)

Punct de vedere Natura 2000 asupra Strategiei Energetice (RO)