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Black Sea Security Program

ARGUMENT: This program scales up and further builds upon our successful Black Sea in Access Denial Age (BSAD) project conducted in 2015-2016. The Black Sea region has become a hotspot of military build-up and escalating tensions in the past 5 years. It is a point where Western (NATO and EU) interests overlap with Eastern (Russian) and Middle-Eastern (Turkish) interests. It is a region where the likelihood of conflict is higher than anywhere else in Europe. A permanent effort of trying to make sense of what is happening on the ground is deemed necessary, one that exceeds the short attention-span of TV channels and extends far beyond putting out immediate crisis.

OBJECTIVE: The program will produce original analysis, provide high value added local insight, and conduct in-depth research and analysis meant to inform public opinion and shape public policy. The research and associated analysis is meant to offer first rate insight into regional political, economic and strategic developments, to understand the impact of Russian militarization on the region, to discuss the progress of key energy projects, analyze vulnerabilities to Russian propaganda; and monitor incidents and the general dynamic in the Black Sea region.

PROJECT: The Black Sea Security program will offer an integrated defense, political, economic and strategic analysis of current developments unfolding in the Black Sea. It will create sharp and thought provoking analysis on security, defense, economics and energy topics and organize events dedicated to select topics of interest. Thus, the program will conduct multidisciplinary research on such topics as:

  • growing anti-access bubble created by Russia’s annexation of Crimea;
  • Russia’s strategic, political and economic actions in the Black Sea;
  • NATO’s response to Russian actions;
  • developments in Turkey;
  • situation in Ukraine;
  • political, defense and economic developments in Romania, Bulgaria and/or Georgia;
  • overall periodic assessment of the regional climate.


  • Op-eds on strategic developments in the region;
  • Interviews with regional and international experts;
  • Policy briefs;
  • Issue briefs;
  • Special Reports;
  • Events.


SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: If you would like to support the Black Sea Security Program, please contact Razvan Alexe, VP Development and Corporate Relations at